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Algorithm CryptoNight

Considered the best algorithm for the anonymity of all transactions, same algorithm of bytecoin and monero.

Financial Independence

HumanitaryCoin is self-sustained by the miners and for all that market it, you are the future

Decentralized Governance

Allow users of HumanitaryCoin to vote on strategic direction of the coin as well as day to day issues like budgeting

Transform the World

while using humanitarycoin you will automatically be funding humanitarian projects worldwide, different from other cryptocurrency, HumanitaryCoin cares about the development of our future, the children. throughout the project we will inform you.

About Us

Humanitary Coin is a cryptocurrency that offers total anonymity, its all of its transactions are encrypted with CryptoNight algorithm, the same algorithm as Bytecoin and Monero

The main objective of Humanitary Coin is to take the use of the decentralized market to the whole world, we no longer support the idea that the dominant elite of traditional banks exploit us with their abusive tariffs and that increasingly only benefits them.

Humanitarian Coin will throughout the project create humanitarian aid campaigns for underdeveloped countries as they are easily found on the African continent, that is, by marketing the Humanitary Coin you will automatically help transform the world, because together we make all the difference.



Name: Humanitary Coin
Coin Abbreviation: HCN
PoW Hashing Algo: CryptoNight
Max Supply: 1,005,550,000
Minimun transaction fee: 0.01

Other Specifications

Difficulty Target: 90 Seconds
Block Time: 120 Seconds
P2P Port: 45000
RPC Port: 45001
Pre-mine: 0% (NO Pre-mine)


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